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Where Do I Start Developing a Bed and Breakfast?

Developing a Bed and Breakfast - The First Step

If you are thinking about developing a bed and breakfast then you have already made a good start by consulting Hosted Accommodation Australia as our Board and Staff have many years of experience in this industry. Before you invest one dollar in developing a bed and breakfast you need to research carefully into what you need to spend and what will be of most value to you.  A Guide to Establishing and Managing an Accommodation Business has been written by experienced operators. It will be an invaluable resource for you. It will save you many hours of research and will act as a handbook for future reference. Written in three sections the Guide covers:
  1. The Tourism Industry in Australia (details of the various organisations that make up the industry) 
  2. Mandatory Licensing, Compliance and Other Requirements
  3. Setting Up and Operating Your Business
·        Setting up your accommodation
·        Tariff Setting, Booking Enquiries, Guest Registration
·        Deposits and Cancellation Policies
·        Marketing and Promotions
Bed and Breakfast Courses
Courses are conducted on a regular basis at the WEA (Workers Educational Association of SA) in Adelaide, South Australia, the University of Western Australia in Perth WA, and the CAE (Council of Adult Education) in Melbourne, Victoria. Details of these and other professional development programs can be found on the Professional Development Page. For information about courses local to you check with the tourism officer at your council or shire. Some T.A.F.E. Colleges also conduct courses on a demand basis.
There are consultants who are experienced in the B&B Industry and will guide you through the development or improvement of your business for a fee. If you are interested in speaking with a consultant who covers your locality contact the our office for details.
First Stop - Consult your Council
You should make appointments with the appropriate officers at your local council or shire. They are responsible for businesses complying with state laws and council by-laws in areas such as planning permits, business registration, food safety, electrical safety, fire safety, road and property signage and testing of water tanks in country areas. Businesses that do not comply with these laws can incur fines and breaches may also jeopardize any insurance claim. If your business will be conducted in your own residence it will be necessary to apply to your council to have it reclassified from a 1a to a 1b building.
When you are confident that your council will approve the type of business you have chosen to run, it is time to develop your business plan and set a budget.
You must carry insurance suitable to the conduct of your business and should consider other professional insurances such as loss of income, etc. Discuss this with your broker but be aware that Bed & Breakfast insurance is a specialized field and not all insurance underwriters will provide it. Hosted Accommodation Australia has developed a list of insurance providers for our Associate and Full Members upon request.
Buying a Bed & Breakfast Business
If you intend to buy a going concern you will need to review the income and expenditure accounts for the past three years (if the business has been in operation for that long) and compare them with the books of accounts. This may necessitate an independent accountant’s report for which you will pay a fee. Goodwill can be contentious and its worth to you should be carefully considered. Check the Business for Sale section for any businesses for sale.     
Suppliers to the Bed & Breakfast Industry
Check the Suppliers Listings on the our website for services such as website development, printing, insurance, credit card merchant facilities, guest amenities and other hospitality companies. This area of the website is still under development and new suppliers are being added all the time. If you can’t find what you are looking for it may be that a supplier hasn’t yet listed their business. Contact our office at or 1300 664 707 to obtain the contact details of other companies.

Once your have established with your local council that you can go ahead with your planned business, you are invited to apply for Associate Membership of Hosted Accommodation Australia and this will entitle you to all the benefits of full membership except for a listing on our consumer websie. You will be able to access the discounts and savings available through our Buyers Guide, post messages on the blog and use the office hotline for any queries you may have. 



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